Gjorgi Pulevski
Gjorgi Pulevski Student program coordinator and selector

The student program at the Jubilee 40th edition of the ICFF “Manaki Brothers” will once again be the place where we will be able to see student films radiating with the unstoppable youthful zest. The students, by presenting their creations, their honest early works on the big screen in Bitola, enrich our festival and give it certain authentic dynamics which naturally springs from their creativity. After the film screenings, the student program is additionally enhanced with short formal and informal discussions among the students themselves, the purpose of which is for them to gain new experiences and progress on their path. Apart from the screenings and discussions, we have also prepared workshops for the students where they will be able to talk to the top-notch world cinematographers who will be our guests at this year’s edition. This year, just like the last year, we keep the extensive number of film academies from 15 countries in the region, and for the first time we organize a student program and student accommodation spreading over five days, thus showing our commitment towards this programme which is becoming an integral element of the festival. The student program of the festival will last from 15th to the 20th September, and those interested are invited to come and see it on the premises of the Small Hall in the Center of Culture in Bitola.

Gjorgi Pulevski
Student program coordinator and selector

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