Short Film Competition


 Darijan Pejovski
Darijan Pejovski Selector of the Short Film Program

At a time when we keep hearing that European cinema is in crisis, out of about a hundred applications, we chose ten films, most of which quite accidentally happen to be exactly European. It is an indicator that the future and auteur potential lie exactly in the short form, regardless of whether we are talking about experienced film-makers or students.

Although any selection is subjective, and often ungrateful, this time too, just like last year, we made efforts to choose films which would portray the diversity and freedom of the short form: from socially-engaged stories, to totally subjective, author’s fantasies.

“The Van” – Albania, “Mother of…” – Israel, “Jupiter”, and the “Boy with The Chequered Shirt” = Germany, “Community Gardens”, Lithuania, “Frozen to Death, Soaked to the Skin” and “The New Life” Spain, “Vera” – North Macedonia, “Monster God” – Argentina, “Delay” – Iran/Italy…

In each of these films we can clearly see the cinematographer’s skill, and in general, the tendency towards the visual means of narration, which is, in fact, the essence of film-making.

Marija Apchevska
Darijan Pejovski
Selectors of the Short Film Program

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