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Ana Vasilevska
Ana Vasilevskaselector and coordinator of Mak point


In anticipation of the jubilee of our most significant film festival ICFF “Manaki Brothers” the “Mak point” program will offer 14 most recent short feature, documentary and animated films that for the first time this year will be open for an honest assessment by the festival audience in terms of their overall creative work, acting, cinematography, music, i.e. the audience will be able to select its overall favorite.

Will this be an easy task when in front of them they have a broad array of films which have been made with great commitment? They may not be equal in terms of technical realization, some of them may have better scripts, and some others better cinematographic accuracy, but it is certain that among each of these authors we can recognize an abundance of ideas, creativity and obvious love for cinematic expression.

The versatility in terms of the genres and themes which fluctuate from ultra-urban and modern stories, to those who tackle traditional or intriguing themes from the ongoing social context, will gave us clear insight into the directions of the authors and take us on a walk through the nuances of their approach.

The interesting aesthetic of “I am Not Igor”, the realism in as many as two of the films focusing on the most burning issue of the air-pollution “Skopje 2020” and “Ashes”, the documentaries “The Teater of Scupi”, “Medulla”, “A Champion Brought Me the Letter”, the paranoid short feature drama “The Baby”, the story about the man who does not want to accept the rules of modern times in “The Comrade” and all the other films this year will complete a beautiful festival program that will definitely serve as inspiration to the audience.

And although certain things are pure coincidence, they still leave doubts and make us believe in the proverb that “there’s no such thing as chance”, and so last year Macedonian cinema was deprived of one of its greatest directors, Kiril Cenevski, and this year we said goodbye to the greatest cinephille who patiently, and virtually without any money managed to make several films, professor Stefan Sidovski, whose last film “The Last Coffee” will have its premiere screening at “Mak point”. There, where these highly referential creators stopped, the new generations of Macedonian film-makers should continue upholding the responsibility of their great legacy. Our cinema is not a tree without roots, but an already fruit-bearing plant which reaps huge successes on European and international festivals. “Mak point” will curiously wait to see the next 40 years of this festival and will remain open to all the new and exciting Macedonian film points, whereas the audience award will be an additional encouragement for creative competition in Macedonian film production.

Ana Vasilevska,
selector and coordinator of Mak point

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