Press accreditation

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to apply for accreditation for the upcoming 42nd edition of the International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers” which will take place between 14 th and 21st September, 2021, in Bitola.

You should provide your name and surname, media outlet, name of the photographer/camera person from your team. Please send your applications to:

The deadline for submission of applications is 15 August (Thursday), 2021.

The festival traditionally provides several-night accommodation in Bitola for the journalists. Please provide information on the days you would like to stay in Bitola, or, in case you are interested in covering the entire festival, please, also state that.

Furthermore, we would like to kindly ask you to apply and contact us within the stated deadline so that we can take into consideration your requests. It will be very difficult to meet your requests if the application is submitted after the deadline runs out.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!