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Czech, Slovakia / 2018 / 99’


Режија/Director: Marek Najbrt
Martin Žiaran
Robert Geisler& Tomáš Hodan  


Jan Cina, Judit Bárdos, Jan Budař, Ondřej Vetchý, Václav Kopta, Tomáš Jeřábek, Lukáš Latinák, Jakub Žáček, Jiří Maryško, Marek Daniel & Jana Plodková


For the sake of order in the world, each region has its hell, where a Magic quill writes down human sins. When a sinners´ folder fills up, a devil squad comes to take them. Lucifer´s son Boniface is sent to bring a new quill to Pitchfork, but gets robbed by the greedy Mr. Slime who uses the quill not only to hide his sins, but to enslave the villagers and make them dig for a treasure he hopes to use to charm the beautiful innkeeper Margaret. Boniface is scared and slips a fake quill into hell. As it doesn’t work, devils grow lazy. Boniface meets beautiful Margaret and finally admits his mistake and decides to rectify them. How things will turn out in the end? Will the Good triumph over the Evil?