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North Macedonia / Feature / 2019 / 17’


Режија/Director: Daniel Shikoski
СценариоScr: Daniel Shikoski
Кинематографер/Cinematographer: Fejmi Daut & Dona Damevska


Teoman Maksut, Aleksandra Mihajlovska, Denis Davitkovski, Erdoan Maksut & Boban Aleksovski


For some people, the conditions in which they work represent everyday while for others it is just business protocols, but both are with a persons limited choice and will.The movie,, Choice is about the young and talented Baze who has many skills and is successful in many areas, thanks to that he gets offers for a promotion who offer higher pay. But due to such an offer Baze struggles in a battle against himself, to accept this choice or keep his freedom of free will.