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North Macedonia / Documentary / 2019 / 51’


Режија/Director: Vladimir Blazevski
Сценарио/Scr: Vladimir Blazevski
Кинематографер/Cinematographer: Dimo Popov


(voice) Blagoj Veselinov


The Theatre of Scupi is a scientific-educational film that documents the complete process of reconstruction of the Roman theater, an object of national, but above all civilization significance. In parallel, the history of the town of Scupi is being processed. The film does not reveal only the secrets of the theater – it introduces us into archaeology as a science, and in the conservation as a craft. The Theatre of Scupi, due to the collage weaving of the segments, implies dynamic and passionate narration. The film follows the work of the team of archaeologists and documents all the stages of the project. Throughout the process, the viewer can learn about the early beginnings of the city’s rise in the newly established Dardania region, in the ruling period of Tiberius. At that period the city of Skopje has been a legionary settlement called Colonia Flavia Scupiorum. During the researches of the Roman theater, the film reviews the partially or fully explored parts of the city. The narrative of the film is prominent factographic and scientific, interwoven with interviews of eminent archaeologists, architects, historians who contribute to the increased authenticity and documentability of what is seen.