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Short Waves Festival is an international short film festival, which takes place every year in March in Poznań, Poland. The upcoming 12th edition is happening between the 17th and 22nd of March 2020. The programme consists of competition screenings divided into three categories: International Competition, Polish Competition and Dances with Camera – unique dance film competition as well as non-competition programme, educational and industry activities, filmmakers talks and many others. Every year the festival has a country in focus and multiple theme programmes presenting emerging film talents from different regions. Also, Short Waves Festival sets new trends in event-cinema field, creating site-specific film installations in unexpected locations or organizing exciting special events such as Random Home Cinema in private apartments. Festival events take place in various locations across Poznań: art house cinemas, clubs and cultural centers.

The organizers of the festival Szymon Stemplewski and Krzysztof Łukomski will present an hour film program specially prepared for the Manaki Brothers Festival. The filmmakers, revealing the backstage of their film workshop, will take us on a journey to several remote and exotic places. We will experience an intriguing collision of private mythologies with not always friendly local conditions. The screening will be an introduction to a conversation on how to create independent events and initiate exchanges between often very different cultures.

Гринго од зеленото платно / Green Screen Gringo

by Douwe Dijkstra,

The Netherlands, Brazil / 2016 / 15’

Желките се секогаш дома / Turtles Are Always Home

by Rawane Nassif,

Canada, Lebanon, Quatar / 2017 / 12’

Убивајќи го Клаус Кински / Killing Klaus Kinski

by Spiros Stathoulopoulos

Colombia, Greece / 2016 / 21’

Шупливата паричка / The Hollow Coin

by Frank Heath

USA / 2016 / 12’