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Montenegro, Serbia / 2016 / 100`


Режија/Director: Ivan Marinović
Кинематографер/Cinematographer: Đorđe Arambašić
Сценарио/Screenwriter: Ivan Marinović


Nikola Ristanovski, Leon Lučev, Ljubomir Bandović, Jelisaveta Seka Sablić, Bogdan Diklić, Goran Slavić, Dejan Đonović & Mitko Apostolovski


Father Peter is afraid that universe is indifferent. God no longer intervenes. His wife has abandoned him. His son only rebels against him. And his mother seldom recognizes him thanks to Alzheimer’s. All Peter wants is a moment of peace but he becomes an obstacle to a large property sale in his seaside parish. And the group of colorful, but also vengeful villagers decides to chase him away. No peace here for Father Peter. They stir up the rest of the superstitious village making them believe that Peter is the cause of all troubles on the peninsula. Their war escalates on a funeral of a supposed witch that they turn into surreal mayhem, where Peter faces the biggest and most absurd temptations of his life.