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Macedonia / 1905 – 1935 / 50’

Милтон и Јанаки Манаки / Milton and Janaki Manaki


Despite the grandiose photographic oeuvre of the Manaki brothers – in which photography was their primary activity, the one that they earned a living with – what they have been permanently remembered for in the Macedonian, Balkan and world cinema is their cinematographic work, shot with the “Camera 300”, which had made them the founders of cinema art in Macedonia and on the Balkans.

When recording and restoring the films and in the process of classifying them based on their genre using the list made by Milton Manaki and a line of archive photographs from the “Manaki Brothers” depot in the Archive in Bitola, as well as a line of other films and written material from this period, we have come up with a number of 42 titles, which is still not conclusive. After extensive research of the entire preserved film material, it has been structured in 42 titles.