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France / 2019 / 103’


Режија/Director: Ladj LY
Сценарио/Scr.: Ladj LY, Alexis MANENTI & Giordano GEDERLINI
Кинематографер/Cinematographer: Julien POUPARD
Монтажа/Editor: Flora VOLPELIERE
Музика/Music: PINK NOISE
Продуценти/Producers: Toufik AYADI & Cristophe BARRAL
Продукција/Production: SRAB FILMS, Paris-France & RECTANGLE PRODUCTIONS-France


Damien BONNARD (Stephane)
Alexis MANENTI (Chris)
Djebril ZONGA (Gwada)
Steve TIENTCHEU (Le Maire)
Jeanne BALIBAR (La Commisaire)


Stephane, joins the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montferemeil in a sensitive district of the Paris suburbs. He meets his new teammates, Chris and Gwada, whose methods are sometimes “special”. He rapidly discovers the tensions between the various neighborhood groups. When an arrest starts to get out of hand, a drone is filming every move they make…

JULIEN POUPARD/FSC, cinematographer:

Born, 2nd of September, 1981. Belongs to the mid-generation of French cinematographers with 51 credits up to now, a large number of which are shorts. Apart from LES MISERABLES, his latest success was the film C’EST CA LAMOUR (2018) by the dir&scr.: Claire Burger, that won the Best Film Award in Venice Days, by the critic’s Jury of Fedeora. In 2018 he also made his film THE TROUBLE WITH YOU, directed by Pierre Salvadori. His previous film was A TASTE OF INK (2016) by the director Morgan Simon.