Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The U.S. Ambassador, Kate Marie Byrnes, spoke of the significance of cinematographers

September 19, Bitola – The U.S. Ambassador, Kate Marie Byrnes said that it is worthy of respect that the legacy of the Manaki brothers and this festival is kept up.

“Mr. Kamiński, with your unrivaled excellency you have made some of the most striking and significant films in the last quarter of a century to be brought to life on the film screen. Mr. Popov, with your exceptional work you not only contribute to the affirmation of the national cinematography, but also contribute to the world film wealth. In the last couple of months, as we lived through the new reality of quarantines and curfews, the film art in all its different forms and which we perceive in different ways was actually what managed to keep us in some kind of normality, managed to steer away our thoughts, to keep us entertained and to give us hope. And actually, the people to whom this festival is dedicated – the cinematographers, are the heart of this art form. They are the people that stand behind the camera and the ones that bring to life the stories through which we can connect and share experiences”, said Ambassador Byrnes.