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Director Stole Popov ceremonially received the “Big Star of Macedonian Film” award from the president of the MFPA, Igor Ivanov

September 19, Bitola – The “Big Star of Macedonian Film” award, which is awarded by the Macedonian Film Professionals’ Association, this year went in the hands of one of the most prominent people of the Macedonian cinematography, the director Stole Popov. The award was ceremonially presented to him by the president of the MFPA, Igor Ivanov, who pointed out that the national point is exceptionally important to go from in the film art more than in any other.

“When we are at festivals, the country’s name is written there and the flag of our country Macedonia, Republic of North Macedonia, is waving there. If I have to mark our cinematography, the Macedonian cinematography, with the name of an author – it would undoubtedly be Stole Popov”, said Ivanov, reminding of the most important awards and accolades of Popov, which had culminated with the Oscar for documentary film nomination in 1979, for the film “Dae”.

“Stole Popov’s films weren’t coming out of the cinemas, the lines from his films are part of the urban life and jargon of the people of Skopje, of the people of Bitola, of all of us who live here. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest cultural actors of the time we live in and, in the year of the 70-year anniversary of existence of our Macedonian Film Professionals’ Association, I am exceptionally honored that we award our biggest accolade, the “Big Star of Macedonian Film”, to Stole Popov”, said Ivanov.

Giving his gratitude for the award, Popov said that every award can get relativized over the years, but there are still two types of accolades that he cannot be indifferent to and he takes them with great joy, and those are the audience awards and the awards from the colleagues. “Every person that works with film knows of the hard and painful road to a film product, it is thousands of small and large battles, from the toughest battle with oneself to make the vision you carry within yourself come true and to win over your collaborators in the most suggestible way, so that from practically nothing you make something that the audience will love and will watch and it will not get lost in the passage of time. My films are mainly about the eternal theme in cinematography: freedom and love, before all. There is nothing more immanent to the freedom than the identity of a person, his language, his culture, his spirit and the spirit of the environment where he lives. I would like to turn the attention of the people working in politics to not forget and to not neglect those fundamental values of the world cinematography and democracy, which are getting more and more neglected and lost. They should have one thing in mind: those things can’t be forced”, said Stole Popov.