Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Eric Gautier took the Golden Camera 300 award in the name of the cinematographer Helene Louvart

21 September, Bitola – The Golden Camera 300 was received by the cinematographer Helene Louvart for the film The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao.

-For the subtlety in the use of color and the strong compositions to reveal the emotions of the characters that brings us closer to the story. Helene Louvart demonstrates masterfully what cinematography can be and its psychological strength to tell the story, the members of the jury think.

The award was taken by Eric Gautier on behalf of Helene Louvart, as a year-long friend and colleague of hers.

-Of course I am not Helene Louvart, Gautier joked a bit. She should be in Croatia at the moment, I tried to reach her on the phone, but it was off because she’s probably shooting, but I am very happy for her. She is a brave woman, an exceptional cinematographer who is brave and fights not only for women that are colleagues of hers, but also for art. I know that she would be very happy. She doesn’t know I am here and that I take the award on her behalf. I thank the jury, and I especially thank my dear friend Ed Lachman, Gautier said.