Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Daniele Cipri is the recipient of the Bronze Camera 300, and Jinsong Dong received the Silver Camera 300

21 September, Bitola – I would first like to congratulate the organizers of this festival, to the director Gena Teodosievska and the artistic director and main program selector Blagoja Kunovski – Dore, on the amazing festival, which celebrates the film art. We celebrated the jubilee of this exceptional, authentic, highly professional and oldest festival in the world that nurtures, respects and values the creation of the cinematographers who tell successful stories, but we should first of all have in mind the fact that film is a visual medium, and it sometimes becomes visual art when in the hands of the real masters, such as the ones we had at this festival. On the one hand, Blagoja made the selection very pleasant, but on the other hand, very tough. The good side, the fact that we were pleased to watch very good films, and also with good camerawork, and on the other hand, it was tough to select a winner. At the end, we had to choose one, Nenad Dukic said, speaking on behalf of the jury.

The cinematographer Jinsong Dong received the Silver Camera 300 for the film The Wild Goose Lake, for, as the jury said, “the quality of the photography using light and colors, especially in the night scenes. Strong stylization of the photography and a nightmarish world for the characters that enhance the story”.

The cinematographer of the film Piranhas, Daniele Cipri is the recipient of the Bronze Camera 300, for the use of controlled naturalism and the strength of the framing and light along with the fluid camera movement, and a Special Mention was awarded to Jolanta Dilewska, the cinematographer of the film Ayka, for the use of camera in a visceral way that expresses the emotion of the leading character in both visual and dramaturgical way.

-I couldn’t come to Bitola to be with you tonight because I am shooting my new film in Reggio Calabria, but I am really glad that I received this award and I am very thankful. As every film, this one is also a collective work and, although multiple people deserve this award, I will keep it for myself. I hope that next year I can participate at the festival in Bitola with my own film, Daniele Cipri said in his video message for the award win.