Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The selector Marija Apchevska introduced the cinematographers Tim Kuhn and Alberto Marchiori

21 September, Bitola – From the Short Films program, the selector Marija Apchevska talked with Tim Kuhn, cinematographer of the film Jupiter, and Alberto Marchiori, cinematographer of the film Delay.

Tim Kuhn said that they were shooting in the Alps with an ALEXA camera and that is why there is such a color palette in the film. The story of the film is about members of a cult who commit suicide. A teenage girl who is travelling with her family to a remote cabin in the Alps, later has to decide whether she will follow her own path or she will follow her parents.

The film Delay is a work of the cinematographer Alberto Marchiori and he broke the dilemma today about the open ending of the film. In fact, the viewer sees the end of the film through the perspective of the father.

-The film has the goal to make people think about the responsibility they have as parents. When the director Ali Asgari gave me the script, I liked it right away and I shot two scenes. A father with his two children are late for their flight and while they wait for the next one, something happens that will change his view on what it means to be a father, Marchiori said.