Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The cinematographer Frank Griebe talked about the shooting of the film “Lara”

21 September, Bitola – Frank Griebe, cinematographer of the film Lara, which was screened in the main competition, remember his first visit of Bitola 24 year ago, during today’s talk with Blagoja Kunovski – Dore, selector of the program.

Lara has a more aesthetic approach and it creates an atmosphere with the main character, who in Karlovy Vary won the award for best actress. His last film is a third collaboration with one of the most interesting directors and it represents a German film with a French aesthetic. Yesterday, about 450 people saw the film and the audience stayed until the very end of the film, Kunovski said.

In terms of how it felt to be present at a screening with a filled cinema, the aesthetic of the film and the collaboration with the director, Griebe said that they needed a longer time to find their common language with the director Jan-Ole Gerster.

-After we set the camera on the first day of shooting and we started to move, the next day the director said that we should be more still and that is how we went on to shoot still shots until the end of the film. We were talking during the shooting about the works of Bergman and Antonioni and their influence can be felt in the film, Griebe said.

The film mixes tragedy and comedy, and the major part of it is situated in the script, which is 10 years old. The scriptwriter comes from Slovenia, Blaz Kutin, and he told the story of Lara, who celebrates her 60th birthday and on that special night her son has his debut piano concert. Lara traced the path of his music career, but is not welcome to the performance…

-The shooting of the film started with the old professor, and the concert scenes were shot later, because there were constantly some events being held in the hall and we didn’t have much time to shoot, so we were shooting 33 days in total, with a budget of 3 million euros, Griebe explained.