Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The cinematographer Eric Gautier came to Bitola to support his friends Lachman and Arvanitis

21 September, Bitola – Eric Gautier, the cinematographer who received the Silver Camera 300 last year at the “Manaki Brothers” festival, traveled to Bitola and today shared his experiences from the participation at the festivals in Venice, Cannes, and here in Bitola.

-It is always a pleasure to be in Bitola. I am thankful that you asked me to be part of the jury, but I couldn’t participate I had other obligations, but I made efforts to come to the closing ceremony of the festival. I meet many cinematographers here, I am glad Ed Lachman and Arvanitis had special screenings in their honor, because they are my friends and colleagues, who I very much appreciate, and where elsewhere would I come if not here – to the place where cinematographers come together, Gautier said.