Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The young cinematographer Gleb Filatov talked about shooting film scenes in one shot

20 September, Bitola – Gleb Filatov, cinematographer of the Russian film The Bull, which is in the main competition for the Camera 300, today at the press conference spoke of the idea about its shooting, the collaboration with the actors, the financing of films in Russia etc.

-This is a young cinematographer from Russia, who in an explosive way captures the problems in Russia, especially the stories of the underground. There is an essential energy in this film, along with Les Miserables, Piranhas, The Wild Goose Lake, and a few more films which were screened at the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, speak about local criminal gangs. In The Bull one can see the decadence of the society in the era of Yeltsin, Blagoja Kunovski – Dore, selector of the main program and artistic director of the festival, said.

Filatov said that the project started as a result of the years-long collaboration with the director Boris Akopov, who he had shot a few short films with, and where he had learned to hold a long shot and he had to shoot a scene in only one take. In terms of the influence on him as an author, Filatov gave a few references.

Dallas Buyers Club had the biggest influence on me to start shooting, because it seems like it is shot easily, the aesthetic is aggressive, but it tells it in an easy way with a soft natural light and it all became my reference during the work. Also the film Nice Times, in which the cinematographer Lisa Fati, who came from France to Russia, shot great scenes with almost no light whatsoever and that is why it is educative and encouraging. Whereas, in terms of directorial references, it is the television series by Steven Soderberg, The Knick, where a historical image is created with a more dynamic camerawork and more movements, Gleb explained.

The film is financed by the Ministry for Culture of Russia with 25 million rubles, which is 400.000 dollars, and that was good for them, because, as Gleb said, they could finally work.

-While there was not budget, we were all sitting at home, and sketching the shots. But then we looked for shooting locations with our own cars… it was literally made as as student film, we were preparing for 7 months and that is why we could allow this sort of flow of the preparations of the shooting. I think that it is important where, how much and when you shoot and that is why the film looks so professional, although not much money was invested in it, Filatov said.