Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Film Talks of the MEDIA Desk MK have the power to share personal stories and lived experiences

As part of the “Manaki Brothers” program, the Film Talks with a few film authors were held, organized by the MEDIA Desk MK of Creative Europe. Before the start of the session, the attendees were addressed by Gena Teodosievska, director of the festival, who said that this edition of the “Manaki Brothers” festival is a success for her, with all the authors, films and meetings which have happened all these past festival days.

“I am happy that authors, like our guest Rainer Klausmann, are part of this session and are part of the success of this festival. And the real success can’t be measured, but only felt”, Teodosievska said.

The subject of the talk was success and what it represents, festival awards or full cinemas? Is the award nomination enough of an accolade for a successful film and how much are awards a trap for future projects?

The Film Talks session was held for the first time at the “Manaki Brothers” festival. The Croatian editor and director Dubravka Turic, the German director Max Zahle, the Macedonian director and editor Eleonora Veninova and the cinematographer Rainer Klasumann, openly talked about the successes and the fails in their career.

“I decided to only work with Fatih Akin and I no longer accept offers from other directors. To me, greatest success is to have time to do what I want to do and only with the people I like” – Klausmann spoke about his success aspects.

The film talks are useful because they have the power to share personal stories and lived experiences. The thesis for what is success is disputable, and those things always need to be talked about. The talks were led by Bistra Georgieva, representative of the MEDIA Desk MK, and the event was co-organized with the MEDIA Desk from Croatia and Germany.