Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Film Agency is organizing the Pre-writing workshop at 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers”

Organized by the Film Agency, the intensive Pre-writing workshop (of the LESS IS MORE program) is held these days as part of the 40th edition of the “Manaki Brothers” festival.

The Pre-writing workshop is held in Macedonia based on the one-year partnership made with the Film Agency and Le Groupe Ouest, which is the founder of the European program for development of feature-length film LESS IS MORE.

Mentors of the workshop are Pierre Hodgson and Nolwenn Guiziou, and the participants are six Macedonian authors and three authors from the region (Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia).

The participants of this 5-day intensive workshop have the unique opportunity to develop their film ideas through creative and original exercises. The characteristic thing about this workshop is that, through the experience of the mentors and the previously established program for work, it is filled with really original ways of analysis of the characters and the actions in the film ideas, through which the participants improve their skills for development of the stories and they gain knowledge on how to push themselves and contribute to greater originality, authenticity and attractiveness of their future films.

As part of this program, an open-for-public masterclass was organized by the Film Agency in collaboration with LESS IS MORE, which was held on 18 September 2019, in Porta Jazz, where Pierre Hodgson spoke on the new ways of development of a script. The masterclass was also attended by our director and scriptwriter Gjorche Stavreski, who shared his experience from the participation in this year’s training program of LESS IS MORE.

Le Groupe Ouest (founded in Brittany, France, in 2006), with more than 700 film industry professionals trained in the writing process (from more than 50 countries), went No.1 in Europe in that area.

The goal of the program is to enable creating films through encouragement and support of the collaboration and innovation between European countries. The program is aimed towards scriptwriters, film authors, and the development of skills for scriptwriting represents an innovative approach to research and creation, while creating a connection between telling stories and their visual technology.

Le Groupe Ouest is a founder of the LESS IS MORE program – a European program for development of feature-length films with limited budget. In 2014, Le Groupe Ouest creates the first fund devoted to support of independent films – Breizh Film Fund.