Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

About 3500 children visited the screenings of the films from the Junior program at the 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers”

At the last screening of the 5-day Junior program at the 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, the Danish children’s film Land of Glass was screened, and it was attended by children form the primary schools “Gjorgji Sugarev”, “Todor Angelevski”, “Elpida Karamandi”, as well as the high school students form the economy high school “Jane Sandanski”.

Today as well, after the screening, in collaboration with Mlekara AD Bitola and the playhouse Chudesna Zemja, a children workshop named Draw Your Favorite Cartoon Hero was organized, where the children could express their creative ideas for the favorite cartoon and film heroes.

In the past 5 days, around 3500 children and students from multiple primary schools attended the screenings of the Junior program at the cinema in the Center for Culture in Bitola.