Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement laureate, Yorgos Arvanitis arrived in Bitola

The second laureate of the 40th jubilee edition of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival, Yorgos Arvanitis, arrived in Bitola.

Yorgos Arvanitis, one of the most important European cinematographers of all time, whose job is to shape the film visions of the generations of cineastes around the world, is a recipient of the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement.

Following his arrival, Arvanitis once again gave his gratitude for the warm welcome and the honor to be a laureate of the prestigious award. As part of the festival program, Arvanitis will hold a masterclass open for public on 19 September.

The Golden Camera 300 will be presented to him on the closing ceremony of the “Manaki Brothers” festival on Saturday, 21 September.