Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The film omnibus SEE Factory was screened at ICFF “Manaki Brothers”

19 September, Bitola – Dominique Welinski, distributer-producer from France and a member of this year’s jury for the main competition at ICFF “Manaki Brothers” and the Macedonian director Eleonora Veninova shared the experiences form the making of the project SEE Factory, which was screened yesterday as part of the European Cinema Perspectives program.

-It is a film omnibus called SEE Factory, which was screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival under the name Sarajevo, Mon Amour and we continued to use that title. These were 5 films from 10 directors, each film made in a tandem consisting of one director from Southeastern Europe and one director from other countries in Europe, Slagjan Penev, selector of the European Cinema Perspectives program, explained.

Dominique Welinski, in terms of the concept, said that she “got the idea 8 years ago, because as a producer she had a feeling for some time that most people don’t see films from these countries”.

-The opportunity came up at the festival in Cannes, when a larger promotion of Ireland was asked for. I used that opportunity as an idea, I pointed out that if they want to introduce the country that has talent, that is welcoming etc., we should make films together. At Cannes, the project was approved and became an idea for uncovering new voices, new director ideas and the first year the project was introduced in Taipei, followed by Finland, Denmark, Chile, Tunisia, Lebanon, and now Southeastern Europe. The idea was to change the country every year, to go to a different country and to make it visible in Cannes, because it is not just about the directors here, but also about the country, Welinski said.

SEE Factory linked the film centers in the region: Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia, and in Croatia there was no possibility to participate, because the manager of the film center was being changed at that time.

-We worked as a couple, like a marriage and we had good communication with my director, because we agreed at the very start that we would talk openly about each conflict. We have a very similar sense of things, everything went easy on set, we consulted each other on every decision, Veninova said, also adding that they had a great collaboration with the famous actress Seka Sabljic.