Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Student program at the 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers” 2019

The student program at the 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers” consisted of 4 workshops for the students and a presentation of student films from 14 academies from the Balkans and from our country.

The student films showcase started on 16 September in the Small Hall of the Center for Culture, consisted of 26 films with a total duration of 300 minutes, which were screened each day, and which were followed by a discussion about the seen films.

As part of the student program, the workshops named Student’s Hangout were also held, where the students had the opportunity to talk in an informal manner with the laureate of the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement – Edward Lachman.

Besides the session with Edward Lachman, the students also talked with the Finnish director Arto Halonen about his most recent documentary film Back Towards Light, which describes the hardships of the surviving girl who was a victim of human trafficking in Tunisia.

On 17 September, the third student workshop was held with prof. Aleksandar Trajkovski, who presented the music in the Macedonian film from 1952-2015. After the workshop, Aleksandar gave out free copies of his book The Music in Macedonian Feature Film: from Frosina to Lazar to all the attendees in the hall.

The last workshop was held on 19 September with the director Natasha Dimitrovska, who was a co-author of the film Locked Storms, together with Vanja Dimitrova. The students had the opportunity to talk to the director about her film, which describes the conditions of the female part of KPU “Idrizovo” and JZU Psychiatric hospital “Negorci”.