Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

An audience award for the best films of the Makpoint program awarded for the first time at the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”

19 September, Bitola – The selector of the Makpoint program, Ana Vasilevska, announced the winners of the audience awards for best film they’ve seen at the “Manaki Brothers” in this category.

-The largest part of the votes from the audience was received by the film Skopje 2020 by Radovan Petrovic, the second place was won by the film The Comrade by Dimitar Orovchanec, and the third place was shared by the films A Champion Brought Me the Letter, the documentary film by the authors Aleksandar Manasiev and Mirko Trajanovski, and I Am not Igor by Sergej Georgiev. The film Skopje 2020, besides being greatly done with authorial stamp, is also very significant at the moment because there is engagement in it and it loudly speaks about pollution – the problem which not only faced by our country, but also the world. The awareness and the individual and the collective, should be raised, it speaks about how much we all forget of the elementary human needs. I have to point out that the film Ashes by Geogre Lazov also speaks on this subject, but in a completely different way and with a different aesthetic, Vasilevska pointed out.

According to Aleksandar Manasiev, “this year there is a more quality program at Makpoint, but that is a push for the professionals to aim a little higher”, and Samir Ljuma spoke about the film The Comrade, being in the role of a producer, and he expressed the pleasure the film is part of the Makpoint program because “it is the debut film of Orovchanec, Petar Arsovski has a role to remember, and Vladimir Samoilovski has done a great job on the camerawork”.

Mirko Trajanovski, director and scriptwriter of the film A Champion Brought Me the Letter, said that the primary idea was to tell the story for the mailman from Veles who is the state record-holder in Macedonia in ultramarathon, but also about the dying out of sending letters by mail as a mean of communication.