Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

‘Vera’ is a film with an open ending, the actress Simona Dimkovska explained

18 September, Bitola – From the short film selection, the Macedonian film Vera was screened, and the actress in the main role and the author of the music in the film shared experiences from the shooting. The music in the film is an ethno music from the world played on a saxophone, inspired by Japanese music, and, along with the acting and directing parts, it is very subtle.

-There is black and white, and the end of the film is an open question and that should be, in some way, closed from the very start of the shooting. The space between the black and the white is good to exist because it will bring the decision. According to me, it is good that we left an open ending for the viewer to not be sure of what happened until the very end, Simona Dimkovska, actress form the film, said.