Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Cordelia Dvorak enjoys the festival in Bitola, because films are discussed about here

18 September, Bitola – The director of the documentary film Marceline. A Woman. A Century, Cordelia Dvorak, talked with the director of the festival Gena Teodosievska about the documentary film, as well as generally about its future, but also about the film devoted to the amazing French film director, author, producer, actress and artist, Marceline Loridan-Ivens, radical chronicler who had survived the Holocaust.

-The structure of the documentary film, especially in the last 20 years, has changed a lot in Europe and the directors working on documentary films start to explore in a deeper way to put all the elements together and to show all aspects, Teodosievska pointed out.

The structure of expanding of the documentary film, according to Dvorak, depends on the conditions in which the film is made.

-When you shoot a documentary film, you can’t always presume what situation you will find yourself into. I had to experience different situations during the shooting, but I am mostly focused on the protagonist and I mostly make portraits than anything else. You have to be very well prepared, to make a good research so you can be prepared for everything that can happen, but to also be completely open, curious, ready to shoot whatever comes in front of the camera and to react on it right away, although the concept can change. You are not the one who leads and shoots anymore. The story and what is happening in front of you is what leads you, Dvorak revealed.

She underlined that Germany supports making of documentaries, although they don’t make a profit, but that is right and should be done throughout Europe, the audience should be educated, because they also change the ones who work on the film, as well as the viewers.

-Each process changes you, and in this special case, Marceline collaborated in the film in a very unusual way. What impressed me was that she was very small, but had great strength. Always, even besides all the health and other hardships, she was finding a way to fight for herself and for the others, Dvorak said, pointing out that she enjoys the festival in Bitola, where films are discussed about.