Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Six Diamonds from ‘Bozinovski’, for six diamonds of cinematography

At the 40th jubilee edition of the Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, six diamonds shone in the hands of the six laureates, which are already traditionally presented by ‘Bozinovski watches and jewelry’ in collaboration with the festival, for outstanding contribution to cinematography.

In the spirit of the motto of the company “Beat the time, live the moment”, the company celebrates all those who create permanent values, those who devote their life to creating of moments, with the goal of transferring the magic from the screen to the everyday life. The goal of this award is to support world cinematography and through this accolade to give recognition and to motivate the film creators to create even more works which will stay noted in history.

This year’s recipients of the diamond award are the American cinematographer and director Edward Lachman, the Greek cinematographer Yorgos Arvanitis, the Irish director, scriptwriter and producer Jim Sheridan, the German director and producer Fatih Akin, the Spanish cinematographer Jose Luis Alcaine, as well as the Macedonian composer Ljupcho Konstantinov.

“Eternity can also be shaped. The diamonds of ‘Bozinovski’ signify the uniqueness, beauty and the timeless shape of the shine, not just of the jewel, but also of the ones who leave their mark for the future generations. It is our big honor to traditionally present this award to the laureates of the festival, giving them a small symbol of eternity, in the name of Bitola and of all of the ones who in the past 40 years made our city part of the film world for at least a few days in the year.

May this jubilee be the start of the writing of a new chapter of Bitola, which deserves to shine again in its full glory, the way it suits her, the way these wonderful people in front of us shine and the diamonds which are a reflection of their immortality. I say this in the name of our company and in the name of all of the locals of Bitola, who have always known to respect beauty and the provocation of the film art”, Angela Hristovska from the marketing team of ‘Bozinovski watches and jewelry’ said.

‘Bozinovski watches and jewelry’ say that their main drive as a company was, is and will still be the support of the culture as a main motive for ascension of the human spirit and its everyday life and they repeated that the diamonds are just a general symbol which is supposed to mark this process.