Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Macedonian Cinematheque screened films from the Manaki brothers in the Magaza in Bitola

With the screening of the first films in the Balkans shot by the Manaki brothers, as the first Balkan cinematographers, the program of the Cinematheque of North Macedonia at the 40th ICFF “Manaki Brothers” started. The screened film material from the Manaki brothers was in duration of about 50 minutes, and the screening was opened with an anecdote from Vladimir Angelov, the director of the Cinematheque of North Macedonia.

-I can tell you one story: one foreign guest from previous years once told me that Baba Despina, the person who is shot in the first film by Milton and Janaki Manaki was 113 years old, and the film was shot in the beginning of the 20th century, in 1905. That means that she is a person who was born in the 18th century, lived through the 19th century, and died in the 20th century. That means you will have an opportunity to see a unique film material during this presentation – Angelov said.

The first evening also saw the screening of the film Midnight Dancers by the recently deceased Meto Petrovski. The film was shot in 1981 and was screened at the Manaki Gatherings in 1981, when the “Manaki Brothers” festival was only three years old. The following days, the wonderful ambiance of the Magaza, part of Museum of Bitola, will see the screenings of the films produced by Vardar Film and films from the student program.