Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The documentary film ‘Jazzman’ by Aljosha Simjanovski had a special screening at the festival

16 September, Bitola – The special screening of the film Jazzman by Aljosha Simjanovski was a subject at today’s talk between the author and Gena Teodosievska. They spoke about the jazz as a spiritual everyday life, Velibor Pedevski – the great lover of jazz, to whom the film is dedicated, the Skopje Jazz Fetsival…

-The film had its premiere at this ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, and the premiere in Skopje will be at the Skopje Jazz Festival. It is shot in a few locations: Skopje, New York, Sofia, Belgrade… At that moment, the idea to make a film about Velibor Pedevski grew, one line of the film is a “life story”, the other one is the jazz as a form, and the third one is the new technologies in music and jazz. We filmed 10 big jazz stars and they all came out exactly as the script idea. We had a quality photography, we have technical tools which are outstanding, and the MRTV, thanks to Velibor Pedevski, has the largest jazz archive, Simjanovski said.