Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

In the decision for the awards, the jury will give their all to recognize the quality of the good image in the best films

16 September, Bitola – The main jury which will decide on the winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Camera 300 awards this year consists of: Ed Lachman (president), Kaloyan Bozhilov, Dominique Welinski, Fejmi Daut and Nenad Dukic. The cinematographers dominate in the jury in number, the selector of the main program of the festival and the artistic director Blagoja Kunovski – Dore pointed out during the introduction of the jury.

In terms of impressions and the films seen so far, as well as the criteria for their decisions about the choice of the three best works in the main competition, they were all on the same page that they can’t separate images from the content.

-The criterion for giving out of each award is tough to set because it’s tough to separate images from the content of the film itself. The cinematographer can create poetic or authentic images which tell a story, but if the acting is not on a high level, it all goes down. So, we still look at the big picture. You have chosen strong films and the choice will be tough, but it won’t be influenced by the fact that a lot of the films were awarded at Cannes or Berlin. That is why it is important to have such a festival because it gives a recognition straight to the way you tell the story. The problem with the Oscars, at least for the cinematography, is that 80% of the Academy are actors and they don’t really understand the camera. All they see is beautiful images. They don’t understand if it is digitalized and that is why a film like The Life of Pi or Avatar by James Cameron have won an award for cinematography, and they are a complete animation, Lachman, who is the president of the jury, said.

According to the members of the jury, if there is no good collaboration between the actors and the directors, then there will be no final result and that they will give it their all to recognize the quality of the good image in the best films.