Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

EURIMAGE presented the new criteria of the fund for support and development of cinematography

16 September, Bitola – EURIMAGES held a presentation of the new criteria for the members of this European fund for support and development of the cinematography of the continent.

At the start of the presentation, the director of the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, Gena Teodosievska, introduced the guest Sergio Garcia de Leaniz, project-manager of EURIMAGES, and the Macedonian national representative in this association, Tatjana Kjurchinska – Pepeljugoska. EURIMAGES is founded in 1989, as a cultural fund of the European Union, with its center in Strasburg, and Macedonia is a member since 2003.

EURIMAGES has 38 full members (not including the UK) and 2 associated members, Canada and Argentina. The annual budget of the fund is 25 million euros, which are distributed as support to film projects in 5 programs. Besides the regular evaluations of the activities of EURIMAGES, a general evaluation of this fund is ongoing, which will bring up the new criteria.

-As you know, EURIMAGES is a supranational fund, created to support co-productions between the member-states. In that way, we are very happy that Macedonia is also a member of EURIMAGES and the collaboration keeps growing. The number of supported film projects from Macedonia keeps growing and we are very happy that we are present at the Cinematographers’ Film Festival in Bitola as its collaborators, and, of course, to also celebrate the jubilee, Sergio Garcia de Leaniz says.

The main point of his presentation is to increase the visibility of the fund, to explain the opportunities to the producers and film authors who apply for support of their film projects, as well as to increase the co-productions between the Macedonian producers and the film authors in other countries, De Leaniz pointed out.

Presenting the general data and activities of EURIMAGES, De Leaniz pointed out the data which create the image of the functioning through numbers. In that way, from the founding in 1989 up until today, EURIMAGES completed 2031 film projects, and only in the last year 210 projects were completed.

De Leaniz presented the steps to apply to the programs of the fund to the attending producers, film authors and national representatives, all through 4 annual calls. The revised convention of EURIMAGES has so far been ratified by 90% of the members of the fund, among which is also Macedonia.