Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

One should be curious and experiment all the time – the laureate Ljupcho Konstantinov pointed out

15 September, Bitola – At the start of today’s talk, which was moderated by Stojan Sinadinov, with one of the most eminent Macedonian composers of film and theater music, Ljupcho Konstantinov, he pointed out that he is happy to see that there is an interested audience for such events, as the film camera festival, and that the new technological development hasn’t destroyed art. “I am happy the end still hasn’t come”, he said.

He spoke of the role of music in a film work and he said that he is led by the saying that the music starts where the word stops.

-I agree with what even some great authors of film music have said that it is the hardest thing for a composer to come to the theme and that takes up most of the time, Konstantinov said. He has written the music track for film such as Happy New ’49, Tattoo, Across the Lake and many others.

-Working with every director is different. One lets me put together the music myself, another decides himself which scene he wants music on. Although, it doesn’t always work that way because the music announces that something will happen or is a reminiscence of an action or a feeling.

Konstantinov said that no matter what, there shouldn’t be compromises in art. “From all of my experience so far, I know that the worst thing is to make a compromise”, he said.

He spoke about how sometime at the end of the 60s, he became interested in music as a young boy when he started playing the guitar in Ohrid and the time when he also started to like film.

-One has to always educate and upgrade himself, the young generation now has easier ways. It was hard to get a music score, and now it’s all online. No matter what, one should be curious and experiment all the time”.

In honor of Ljupcho Konstantinov, this year’s recipient of the Big Star of Macedonian Film award by MFPA, the film Happy New ’49, directed by Stole Popov, will be screened tonight.