Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Jim Sheridan is pleasantly surprised by the seriousness of the way the “Manaki Brothers” festival is organized

15 September, Bitola – A talk with the world renowned director, scriptwriter and producer Jim Sheridan was also held today, whose films include the masterpieces My Left Foot and In the Name of the Father.

At the start of the talk, led by Blagoja Kunovski Dore, Sheridan, who came to the “Manaki Brothers” festival as a representative from the European Film Academy (EFA), pointed out that he is surprised by the seriousness of the way the festival is organized, and that the opening was also not a joke. He thinks that the festival devoted to the work of cinematographers is much more intellectual than the other film festivals.

-I was looking through the program and I noticed that a large part of the films which are selected to be screened here are great.

On the question of how Brexit influences Ireland, he answered with an anecdote:

-Ireland is like a cinematographer to the UK, it doesn’t “exist”, but it’s there. We were a threat to the Brits in a way. In the past, on Ireland’s border, towers were built and unless someone is a threat to you, you don’t build such towers. The British thought that the Europeans would use Ireland to attack Britain. That is how others were looking on this small catholic country, which was dated and old-fashioned. And that’s our history, he said, speaking about the political history of his country.

He also spoke about his film In the Name of the Father, which is about how politics and the church separate families.