Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Ivan Ivanov presented the Big Star of Macedonian Film award by MFPA to the composer Ljupcho Konstantinov

The president of the MFPA, Igor Ivanov started his speech with “The first 40 are the toughest ones” – which was actually the motto of the organization team of this edition of the festival.

-Macedonian film had a quite successful year, one like we hadn’t had in a long time, not just in presentation, but also in production. Seven feature films were shot, not counting the co-productions, but we also got some great loses. MFPA lost 5 of its film legends: Tome Molovski, Angel Kuzmanovski, Meto Petrovski, Kiril Cenevski and Dragan Salkovski.

Ivanov gave the “Big Star of Macedonian Film” award of MFPA to the composer Ljupcho Konstantinov. This year the award looks a little different, and it was made by Bozhinovski, a jeweler from Bitola.

-Macedonia is a small country, we are a small cinematography and it that sense we can’t make a mistake. This award has so far been received by Kiril Cenevski, Milcho Manchevski, Darko Markovik, Simon Perry, Milica Stojanova and Vardar Film, our most valuable film production. Thirty-five authorial music tracks for film were made by Ljupcho Konstantinov, he worked with the greatest directors of Macedonian film and wider, Ivanov pointed out at the presentation of this great accolade.

Giving his gratitude to the MFPA for the award he received and to the directors who had given their trust to write the music for their films, Konstantinov pointed out that this evening has a special meaning to him because he has origins from Bitola.

-In the past years, I was at times more, at times less successful, but I will keep trying to be better and better, Konstantinov said.