Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Bitola became mecca to all cinematographers from the whole world – said Nigel Walters

From the name of IMAGO, the International Association of Cinematographers, the attendees at the opening of the festival were greeted by Nigel Walters.

-We are all gathered here today to celebrate the storytelling through moving images and to remember the day when Janaki went to London to buy the camera and not even assume that the tool he is buying will become the main tool of the greatest art of the future. Bitola became mecca of all cinematographers and as a vice president of the British Association of Cinematographers I came here to bring you the greetings of the large number of laureates of this festival in the past years. Making films is a collaborative act, and making such a festival is also a collaborative act, Walters said.

He also thanked the MFPA for the help they gave IMAGO for the hosting of the annual IMAGO conference which takes place during the festival and which unites the nine cinematographers’ associations of the Balkans.

-A great impression was left on me that year when I came, and the festival was transferred in Skopje; before the opening I went outside and in the rain I saw a large group of people from Bitola who stood there and protested because the festival was taken away from them. I don’t know if there are some of those people among you, but I think that those are the real heroes of the festivals, together with the volunteers, the cinema operators, all those people who really work hard for all this to happen, Walters pointed out.