Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

A successful participation of ICFF “Manaki Brothers” at the Beach Film Festival in Ohrid

Three short Macedonian films from the past years’ selections at the ICFF “Manaki Brothers” were screened on July 19, on the second festival day of Beach Film Festival held from 18-21 July in Ohrid.

The films Loveless by Dina Duma, Raspberry by Anastasija Lazarova Piling and The Beginning by Agim Abdula had their screening on the silver screen at Orevche beach, at 22:40, after the screening of the film in the official competition.

The films and the “Manaki Brothers” festival had a suiting presentation, and the large curious audience was informed by the selector of these three films Ana Vasilevska of the noble idea of the festival which celebrates cinematographers, and facing its 40th edition it makes its appearances through its travelling cinema at various festivals around the country with the goal of showing a small part of the rich program to the audience which was able to be in Bitola last year.

“It is a special pleasure when a world renowned festival with a long tradition, facing its 40-year jubilee, collaborates and makes its appearance at a festival which is yet to grow. The travelling cinema this year is made up so the audience around the country and the film lovers can see a small part of the rich program of the “Manaki Brothers” and, of course, to be provoked to visit the “Manaki Brothers” festival in September in Bitola. The young audience is the future of all the festivals and of the celebration of cinematography. This collaboration happened as part of the Creative Europe Media – Macedonian desk program; and without further ado, the films of Macedonian production you will see tonight can be also considered part of European cinematography”, was said among other things in the presentation and announcement by Vasilevska before the start of the screenings.

The screening of the three films went by in a wonderful ambiance on the Orevche beach and in a positive atmosphere with numerous audience of around 300 visitors, dominated by young people. Each film was followed by an applause, and the attendees were suggested to take part in a discussion after the films. Considering the fact that there were screenings of a few short films and one feature length film, there was no concentration for a discussion. Still, the authors present talked with the attendees about the films in a non-formal setting.

Coincidentally, the subjects of the selected films from “Manaki Brothers” completely related with the films screened before them, so a beautiful festival evening rounded up, and this collaboration might grow into a tradition. The modern expression in Macedonian film and the selections of the domestic cinematography at the festival in Bitola are a proof that Macedonian cinematography really isn’t much behind the current European film expression and it is an unbreakable part of it.