Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


September 29, Bitola – The last 8 festival days in Bitola were filled with screenings of more than 95 films in 14 programs, Master Classes with Roger Deakins and Claudia Cardinale, the energies of the cinematogrpahers from the Balkans gathered at one place at IMAGO, but the most done thing was watching films.

For the finish of the 39th edition of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival a large number of film workers, politicians, ministers, members of MFPA, representatives of the Film Agency, Municipality of Bitola, film art lovers and the Bitola public walked the red carpet – all in the honor of the creations of the best cinematographers. They filled in the Big Hall of the Center for Culture in Bitola for the closing ceremony of the festival which started with The Lover of Igor Ivanov, and finished with Scout of Alex Cvetkov, which are pieces of the most recent film productions supported by the Film Agency and are announcing the new wave of Macedonian cinematography.

The festival director Gena Teodosievska believes that the film belongs to everyone and that the knowledge will save the world.

-I am taken away by all these visual sensations which streamed inside and through us. But I was most taken away by the audience in Bitola which visited all evening screenings. Thank you a lot!, Teodosievska said, thanking the selectors, the president of the MFPA, the Film Agency and the Municipality of Bitola, as well as the authors of the films, as, in her words, this work cannot be done a single person.

-I know that the day is passing by and all this will be history tomorrow. But don’t even think that we aren’t the ones making history. Every moment spent with like-minders is small, yet a small miracle at the same time. Thank you, dear audience!, Teodosievska said at the end.

The mayor of Bitola, Natasha Petrovska, greeted everyone present, thanking everyone who fully put their efforts in a successful run of yet another edition of the ICFF Manaki Brothers.

-Between the borders of day and night, between the borders of our dreams, plans and actions, we had an amazing festival week in which, through the projection of the camera, we could see someone else’s dreams and actions. Still, we didn’t have only that privilege, we had an opportunity to hang out with many filmmakers these days, many cinematographers and actors, the students who are getting ready to work in the film industry had an opportunity to meet new people and make new memories. I won’t mention a closing – let these moments, the memories from this week stay alive until the next edition, inviting you to the next 40th edition of the Manaki Brothers festival, Petrovska said.

After the premiere of the film Scout, the crew of the film bowed in front of the audience, and the director Alex Cvetkov thanked the Macedonian Film Agency and his crew for, as he said, working as one.

Right after, the screening of the film Blackkklansman, directed by Spike Lee, followed as the last film of the official program of the 39th ICFF Manaki Brothers.