Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


Every larger festival or event has its own “small army” of professionals who take care of the technical support. Usually, they are “invisible” for the festival guests and visitors. Paradoxical, yet true, is the fact that everything runs just fine at the festival when as long as the members of the technical crew are “invisible” for the rest: there are no problems, everything goes according to schedule, smoothly…

The technical crew of Manaki Brothers consists of 15 members, led by Alen Stefanov, who is present at the festival for 16 years already, and is a technical director since 2007. The members of the crew are Koni S. Chapova (technical assistant), Igor Ilievski (audio specialist), Nikola Gjorgievski (video specialist), Igor Jovanov, Ace Kovachevski, Zoran Bejkovski (cinema operators), Safet Asani (light operator), Gorjan Glavevski (audio stagehand), Toni Mitrevski (stagehand), Oliver Jordanovski (chief of translators and subtitlers), Lidija Simonova, Aleksandra Kujundziska, Jane Bozhinovski, Petrula Veljanovska and Milica Gjorchevska (translators and subtitlers).

Technical support asks for devotion, tidiness, discipline… Their working hours sometimes last even up to 16 hours a day, so the work of some of the technicians can last up to late at night, even early dawn.

The technical crew starts working 5 days ahead of the start of the festival, by setting up the offices, setting and check of the audio and video equipment of the Small Hall of the Center for Culture. Afterwards, the video equipment of the Big Hall is checked (it includes DSP projection format for the Big Hall, and HD projection for the Small Hall), films are uploaded to the server, the image quality is checked, the sound and subtitles in Macedonian and English…

The opening and closing ceremony of the festival include collaboration with the director and his demands.

-The harder part of the technical support is at the opening ceremony of the festival because the setting of the equipment can last 4 days, whereas the taking down is the easier part of the work and lasts one day, the technical crew says.

In their own modest manner, the members of the technical crew have nothing more to add for their work. They can only wish you a pleasant screening, as in the previous seven days, this time at the closing ceremony of the festival.