Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


The tradition of honoring of the first cinematographers from the Balkans – the Manaki Brothers – by the ICFF Manaki Brothers and the attending festival guests continued in the traditional fashion of visiting and wreath laying at the grave of Milton Manaki at the Vlach cemetery in Bitola. This year, this traditional act was attended by representatives on behalf of the Mayor of Bitola, the President of the Council of Bitola Municipality Valentin Gruevski, and representatives from the Vlach community in Bitola, whereas, on behalf of the festival, the director of the 39th ICFF Manaki Brothers held an honoring speech.

“We give our gratitude to the care you take for this monument of culture”, Gena Teodosievska said, addressing the representatives from the Vlach community, adding: “because I think that the Manaki Brothers had some feeling that their activity will one day have its worth, that some future generations will take notice of it and know how to respect it. That is what happens today with our visit to their eternal home”, Teodosievska said.

An honoring speech was held also by Nigel Walters, who comes to Bitola for 12 years now and is a true friend and partner of the Manaki Brothers festival:

-On behalf of the festival, it is a great honor and privilege to be here and honor the life and work of the two brothers, who have made so much for the early stages of cinematography, the history of the Balkans and the international cinematographers, who come to Bitola each year at this fantastic festival we all love, Walters said.

Host of the event was Stefan Hadzi-Andonovski from the Vlach community in Bitola, who said that the work of the Manaki Brothers will always be celebrated, and they also plan an action of returning the remains of Janaki Manaki in Bitola.