September 28, Bitola – Marija Dzidzeva, the selector of the documentary program, today introduced the film The Future is Ours of the director Andrej Georgiev, with cinematography done by Dario Sekulovski, and part of the crew is also Sandra Georgievska, who worked on the film’s editing. This is a film that talks of a recent subject from our everyday life and has a young film crew.

-It was wonderful to see the end credits because everyone in the crew is a student, this is actually a graduation film and it is a beautiful moment for all of us because we see that a new generation of film authors is created, Dzidzeva said.

The film has a documentary approach and the fast reaction is to be praised, as the events showed in the film happened only a year ago.

-The film has within itself a theme and a time in which we have all lived. The background of the story are the student protests, the sorts of events and injustices that happened to the people around us. Some of them are brave, some of them fight, some of them sacrifice. I think that we, as young authors, should be quick on our feet for the events and subjects that concern us and show them through our viewpoint, Georgievska said.