September 28, Bitola – Last night, as part of the festival program, the film Persona, directed by Ingmar Bergman, was screened as part of the marking of the 100-year anniversary from the birth of the legendary Swedish film author. The Ambassador of Sweden in Macedonia Mats Staffansson gave his gratitude ahead of the screening to the Manaki Brothers festival and the Cinematheque of Macedonia for organizing this event for the anniversary.

The film Persona is one of his most complex films, and also one of the most criticized film. Still, Persona is a psychological drama which is the Mount Everest of film art. Bergman’s films are very deep, he is a fantastic person, the Ambassador Staffansson said.

The festival was visited last night by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Macedonia as well, Mr. Wouter Plomp, who met with the director Gena Teodosievska and his colleague from Sweden. The Dutch Embassy supports the Manaki Brothers festival this year, where a few film works by Dutch authors were screened.

-As an Embassy, we are proud to be part of the successful story of the Manaki Brothers festival. I am happy to have visited Bitola and I witnessed the magic brought by the festival myself, one which shows the real cosmopolitan spirit of the city, the Dutch Ambassador Wouter Plomp stated.