September 27, Bitola – Sara Logan Hofstein was a guest at the student program last night. But the most interesting moment from this year’s student program was the hangout with Roger Deakins with the students, Gjorgji Pulevski, selector of the student program, says.

-The director Gena Teodosievska and I felt that there won’t be enough time for the students to ask Deakins all the things they want to and that is why we asked the legendary cinematographer to devote some time to the future film authors in an informal manner. A great atmosphere came around, the hangout lasted more than what was planned, the students posed various questions: ones in terms of lighting and other technical solutions connected to his work, but they also wanted to find out about his life philosophy.

Two interesting things that Deakins said that left an impression on me: the way of dealing with unanticipated mistakes and how to be resolved at the same moment, and he also shared the fact that he was fired twice and that it didn’t make him question giving up this job. At the start of his career, some producer told him that he is not that good at the cinematography work, Pulevski says.

This year, the student program is so ambitious and with a lot of workshops for the first time.

-We wanted this program to be a stamp of impression for the students, which will become a fundament of the development of their technical and creative capacities, we will try to make this idea happen more every other year, Pulevski says.