Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


September 27, Bitola – As part of the ICFF Manaki Brothers, the Cinematheque of Macedonia opened up the exhibition at the Bitola cultural center Magaza last night and started the film screenings that mark the 60-year anniversary from the premiere of the Macedonian feature film Miss Stone, all with the title Miss Stone: Somewhere Between Ellen and Autonomy, where photographs, scenography sketches, propaganda material and other archive materials were exhibited. On the occasion of the anniversary, the Macedonian public had the opportunity to see the presentation of a significant part of the saved materials that are nowadays part of the written documentation collection of the archive of the Cinematheque of Macedonia. In its time, Miss Stone was one of the most expensive and most ambitious Yugoslav productions, the first Macedonian film in color, but also in a totalscope technique.

-The film Miss Stone started its shoot in 1958 and its filming didn’t go that easy, it was a big project and it can all be seen through these 20 panels exhibited, where you can see the whole history of Miss Stone. It can be freely called a film behind the film. The film has a very rich life up to 1962, when a big flood hits Skopje and a large part of the materials in Vardar Film are destroyed and that is where the international distribution of the film ended. Still, the Cinematheque has made a protected copy from multiple different copies. I hope that we will soon make a digital restoration which will bring the film back to life, Vladimir Angelov, the director of the Cinematheque of Macedonia, said.

He announced that the film will be screened at the Days of Macedonian Film in Zagreb, from October 3, in the cult cinema Tushkanac, where the exhibition will also be set up. The director of the ICFF Manaki Brothers Gena Teodosievska said that she accepted his idea of setting up this exhibition during the festival with pleasure because they share similar stances with the director Angelov on what preservation of film and Macedonian cinematography means.

-The Cinematheque of Macedonia is our partner together with the Film Agency, the Municipality of Bitola, Institute and Museum Bitola, the Center for Culture and the National Theater in Bitola and they all have their share in the preservation of the Macedonian culture and film. This is one of those precious events. The Cinematheque of Macedonia is one of the rare institutions that even in facing a lack of finances tries this exhibition to look dignifying, Teodosievska said.