Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


September 27, Bitola –  The selector Ana Vasilevska introduced some of the present representatives in the Makpoint program, Lidija Mojsovska, director of the film The Award, Zagorka Pop-Antoska Andovska, producer of the film Father, and talked about the quality of production of the Macedonian films, as there is an info that barely about 10 films from 307 Macedonian films can be seen at festivals.

-We sometimes rush in the production and the decision on the possibilities. I had a lot of problems. I think that the situation should get better. Every young author has experienced production problems and this is a good start of production improvement, Mojsovska pointed out.

Zagorka Pop-Antoska Andovska is a playwright, but she had the role of a producer in the film Father, a work by Irma Basheska devoted to her father Zharko Basheski.

-One thing should be pointed out, that the young authors start go fly high with a small budget or sometimes even with no budget to show and prove to themselves that they know what they’re doing. There are a few examples where there are production problems and a great commitment on making a piece of work start to finish which is respect-worthy. The film Father was shot with equipment owned by the DASTA Academy, which is also a producer of the film. We worked with what we had and, as a playwright, I can say that there are great examples where the story is the dominant thing that drives the film, especially now when there is technology that brings to a final film product, Pop-Antoska Andovska said.

It was a common stance that the young authors should be aided and motivated because many of them have only one or two films put in their CVs by the age of 40. That is way too little to speak of serious experience.

Zharko Ivanov is the director and script writer of the animated film The Monk, and also Igor Ivanovski of the film Form B16, and they spoke of the tradition of making animated films in this country.

-The animated film in Macedonia had a tradition up to the 80s and it died off afterwards. About ten years ago, we started working on it again. Availability of technology enhanced the production of animated films, Ivanov said.

According to Ivan Ivanovski, animated film is done with far less money and support.

-We work with very little money from our colleagues from abroad. I see the idea and the creativity in Macedonian film, but I don’t see inventiveness. What matters to me is for the film to be brave. I always consider that to be a big advantage, to work honest and brave, and the tough production circumstances shouldn’t be an obstacle, Ivanovski thinks.