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Tatjana Kjurchinska-Pepeljugoska, since the end of last year, is a national representative of Macedonia at EURIMAGES, fund of the Council of Europe, specialized in support of cinematographers in the area of co-productions, distribution, screening and digitalization of European film works.

-The fund has a few sections, the most important for us being the section for support of co-production projects, and the Macedonian producers can hope of the greatest benefit from this. Macedonia is not part of the film distribution section anymore because we are part of the MEDIA program, and part of the same program is the sector for cinemafication (financial support for technical equipping of cinemas). For Macedonia, however, the most important is the participation in the co-productions sector. Speaking of some statistic parameters, Macedonia has a greater benefit than the amount of money for membership paid annually, which is about EUR130.000, Kjurchinska gave an overview of the functioning of EURIMAGES and MEDIA.

Amongst the film projects supported by EURIMAGES, which are done and will soon have their premiere, is the new film of the sisters Teona and Labina Mitevski, God Exists – Her Name Is Petunia.

-We expect that in the following two sessions of EURIMAGES a couple of films that will apply will also get financial support, Kjurchinska announces optimistically.

Kjurchinska points out that a revised text of the convention for collaboration in the area of cinematography is adopted since January 2017.

-Right after I was appointed, right at the very first meeting at EURIMAGES, I started with the implementation of this convention in Macedonia. I have to point out with great pleasure that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia adopted the text of the revised convention for collaboration in cinematography this June. Concerning the Macedonian producers, that means equal conditions to apply – and compete! – on a European level, and, on the other hand, the convention offers more benevolent conditions for all producers. To be more exact, the producers from the countries having adopted that convention, Kjurchinska points out.

Still, the question arises of what is the management capacity of the Macedonian producers to process all that and make use of it for the Macedonian cinematography?

-The Macedonian producers, at least from what I have seen from my collaboration with them these past ten months, have a really great desire and have great knowledge of the process of applying projects at EURIMAGES. This refers to the producers who have longer time working in this profession: they have great crews and can fulfill the criteria EURIMAGES sets. Since there are constant changes in the way of working and the contracts that have to be signed with EURIMAGES – in the case they get the financial support – the collaboration with me as a national representative is inevitable, and I really have an outstanding collaboration with our producers, Kjurchinska concludes.