As part of the student program at the 39th ICFF Manaki Brothers, a screening of the documentary film The Girls from Banija Forest and a meeting with the author Nikolina Barikj was held on September 26. The film talks of two little girls that the author Barikj accidently comes across in an abandoned Croatian village. The film is shot in 2013 and that is where the talk between Barikj and the students attending the Manaki Brothers festival started.

-It took me 1 year to make the film and another 4 years to promote it at film festivas – Nikolina Barikj said.

She explained that she got the inspiration for the documentary The Girls from Banija Forest from the forest itself and from the two girls who are main protagonists in the story. She also said that her films are actually “no-budget” films, i.e. she finances the filming and production herself, even though she tried to get funding from film funds. She has already started to shoot her new film, where the main protagonist is her mother, and it is on the subject of emigration of medical staff from Croatia in search of better salary.