Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


September 26, Bitola – This morning, guest at the press-conference was Kalojan Bozhilov, cinematographer from Bulgaria, who introduced the film Aga.

-A stunning film, a visual poem, which was a Berlinale gem. Some film critics thought that it was a pity for it not to be in the competition at the Festival, but it might be a Bulgarian Academy Award candidate. The film is very unique, done in tough circumstances and it was probably a huge challenge to film in a polar eternal winter, below 20-25°C, the selector Blagoja Kunovski – Dore said.

Bozhilov explained that this film won’t be a Bulgarian candidate for the Oscar this year because it still has to pass the festival light of Varna, but it might happen next year.

-in fact, when we arrived in Yakutia, it was -40°C, but it was the same situation as filming anywhere. The most important thing was not to have to retake scenes because the snow level was rising. You could only film once, no retakes. That made everything go slower. We were filming for 40 days in total. I chose to film on 35mm strip. A filmstrip, not digitally, because of the cold weather, the picture and the story itself. I used an ARRI White Cam, which is quite good. ARRI is a world leader. Milko and I are already a duo, this is the second film we work on, Bozhilov shared experience.

Giving her gratitude for the beautiful film, the festival director Gena Teodosievska pointed out that she was amazed when she saw the film at the Berlin film festival and were trying together with the selector Kunovski to bring the film to the Festival in Bitola.

-I like the fact that there is a storm inside the characters, and the faces of the characters are still. We truly made a compound of the human nature and nature itself, but also put them apart in the wide shots, Teodosievska pointed out.