Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


September 26, Bitola – Gorjan Tozija, director of the Macedonian Film Agency, and Massimiliano Nardulli today presented the collaboration between the Macedonian Film Agency and the program Less Is More, created by the Le Groupe Ouest (France). Numerous activities will be held as part of this program and the partnership, and as an especially significant one is the organizing of the workshop for local film professionals titled Pre-Writing Workshop.

-What we introduce now is something that is in preparation for the following edition of the Festival, the jubilee, the 40th edition of the ICFF Manaki Brothers. This program truly is as though created for Macedonia. The main motto of the program is “Less is more” and it focuses on the young cinema-makers who still haven’t made a feature film, up to having made two previous feature film already. The film skill is to make a better film with less money, and that is what we need. If you give someone a lot of money, it is not a guarantee that he will make a good film, but on the contrary, our experience shows that here the films done on a smaller budget have far bigger success. The idea itself, the specific of the script-writing, the more original, inventive, use of recent subjects in them is what will define the budget and will contribute to the appearance of a new wave in Macedonian cinematography, which is our strategic point, Tozija pointed out.

He also pointed out that the MFPA should also aim towards more foreign collaborations. Massimiliano Nardulli, representative of the European program Less Is More (LIM), aimed at lower budget films, where film authors with no or up to two previous feature films can apply, presenting the program, said that Macedonia has a lot of talent and will have its role in the European cinematography.

-Your country is full of stories and a reservoir of talent. This program’s focus is the script and we work with smaller budget projects so that the authors can get to a more creative approach, but also because of the fact that the independent films are in danger from the big productions, Nardulli said.

He pointed out that he is proud that Macedonia is the first country from the Balkans that joins this project.